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Questions + Answers

What is a Salon Studio?

A salon studio is a private space for you to start your own business in. Salon suites are becoming a popular way for beauty professionals to own a salon of their own without having to invest in setting up a salon. Each salon studio has a locking door with a an electronic lock opened with your personally selected unique code. It is completely enclosed and insulated for privacy allowing you to fully focus on your client without the background noise and chatter associated with a larger salon. It also offers a greater ability to stay on top of extra cleanliness because you are controlling the touched surfaces. It goes beyond a booth or chair rental and is really designed for the beauty professional who wants to take the next step in their career by taking control of the total client experience.

What's included in Beauty Collective studio?

Each studio comes with an ample amount of built-in cabinets, an over-sized mirror, full-spectrum LED lighting, a color bar with quartz counter tops and color mixing sink, a separate Euro-style shampoo bowl and a styling chair. Your cabinets also have a built in cell phone chargers and two convenient pop-up outlets. All you need to do is buy some product and bring your personal tools. If you are not a stylist, the studio can easily be adapted accomodate other professionals like lash/nail technicians and estheticians.

What kind of businesses can be run from the Beauty Collective?

We welcome most types of businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. This includes hair stylists, massage therapists, estheticians, nail artists, teeth whitening, microblading, spray tanning, and other services. We don’t allow direct sales companies, though. You need to be a licensed professional and active service provider. Please contact us if you believe you have a business plan that would be a fit that is outside the ones mentioned above.

How much is the rent?

While we understand that the cost of your studio will be the biggest expense for your new business. We cannot stress enough the value that is offered by being a member of the Beauty Collective. We only charge you rent, there are no other hidden fees. You will not get an electric, heating, air conditioning, internet or water bill. You will have full access to common area and this includes free use of washers and dryers for your towels and other linens. The prices vary based on size, location in the building, number of chairs, and lease duration with a standard single unit starting at $275 per week.

How Much Can I Make?

Everyone of our initial tenants is making more money behind the chair than they did in thier prior location. There are many reasons for the increase in earnings but the primary drivers are 1. The ability to charge a little more for services. 2. New customers, people want to try out this great new concept. 3. Product sales, you keep all of the profit from product sales. You do not even have to try hard to sell product, most of your customers will just ask for it. CLICK HERE for some examples of what being an owner vs. employee can look like (Spoiler Alert: We think you’ll be delighted at the differences between the two) Seriously, CLICK HERE – the math is kind of amazing!

Can I share salon studio?

Yes, you can with our approval and for a small additional weekly cost. Sharing a studio means sharing the cost and may be better for some who want to work fewer hours. If you and a friend want to each work part-time from a single chair studio, you absolutely can! The ability to access the location 24/7 means you can both have a lot of hours to work. Additional people must have the proper licensing and insurance. There will be an upcharge of $20 per week per additional person to share a single chair studio with another stylist. Double chair studios can have two people at the regular weekly cost. Additional stylists will require the $20/week upcharge. We only allow one stylist per chair in the studio at a time for the comfort of all, though. If you both outgrow your shared studio, we put your partner on the top of our waiting list for their own salon studio (as one of our loyalty perks)

Can I add additional furniture to my studio?

Yes! Make it yours! You can add comfortable waiting chairs, a snack cart, tables and fridges to your studio – whatever fits. The only thing we don’t allow is additional styling chairs in a studio. Single-chair studios are limited to one styling chair and double-chair studios are limited to two styling chairs for the comfort of all. You can, however, swap our styling chair for your own if you have one you love and want to use – just let us know and we’ll remove our chair.

Can I personalize my studio?

We encourage it! We have painted our walls a very neutral color that will go with any design choice. Feel free to add artwork, pillows, rugs, lamps, vinyl quotes or apartment-type wallpaper. You can add additional shelving with our approval.

How long is my lease?

Our standard lease is 52 weeks with two weeks of vacation. You can pay for your studio in many ways. The standard is weekly rent that is automatically transfered from your bank account on Thursday evenings. We also allow monthly payments or even an upfront one time payment.

Do you take a percentage of my sales?

No! Your suite is your own salon, you keep all of the revenue. You set your own prices and keep 100% of every sale or service. The only thing you pay us is your rent.

Can I sell retail salon products from my studio?

Yes! We encourage you to sell product. Many of our tenants are able to pay all of their rent with product sales. Best of all, you choose the products and purchase them from your favorite wholesale salon supply source. We don’t want any of the profit.

What do I need to get started?

Every salon owner needs a current state license to practice, as well as a local business license and professional liability insurance. We can help you get set up with those if you need help. If you already have those things, just put down your deposit and when your background check comes back, we hand you the virtual keys…and as fast as you can get your studio set up, you can begin to serve your clients!

Do I have to work certain days or hours?

No. You are in charge so you decide when you want to work. You can select the hours and days that suit your schedule. We have people that are in before 8AM and others that are working past 10PM. If you have a client with a color emergency, you can have them meet you at your suite in the middle of the night. Having around-the-clock access means you can set your own schedule.

Are inquiries confidential?

Yes. We won’t contact your current employer or salon where you might be currently renting a booth or chair. We don’t say anything to anyone until you make your big announcement that you’re moving to the Beauty Collective!

I just graduated and got my license - is a salon stuido a good place for me to build a business?

Short answer is NO. The state of Rhode Island requires a shop owner to have been working for one year, so if you are just out of school you are not likely to qualify for the proper license. In addition, you do need a solid book of business to ensure consistent revenue is coming in. If you have just graduated, our recommendation is to build your book.

Do I just pay for the days I actually cut hair?

No. You will have weekly rent that is due no matter how many days you work. If you only work a few days, let us know and we may be able to connect you with another part-time person and the two of you can share a suite.

How can I afford it?

You might be surprised that you can. We often have people ask about the rent and then we never hear from them again. Don’t do that. Let’s talk about your current weekly service revenue and what you can do to increase that and then let’s talk. We can usually show that increasing your hours and clients plus selling products plus increasing your prices a bit (because you’re providing a luxury private client experience now). If you are working part-time and don’t want to accept new clients, you’re probably not in a position to open your own salon studio without a friend who wants to do the same. But, if you are wanting to accept more clients and increase your hours, or you’re already working full-time with a full clientele, you might be ready for this step. The cost of weekly rent is approximately one full-service client a week (hair cut, foils, color or balayage) and some product. Let’s talk about more than just the rent cost!