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A Full-Service Beauty Salon, Here for You

The Beauty Collective provides high-end retail space in the form of individual suites for salon professionals including cosmetologists, massage therapists, estheticians and other professionals in the beauty and wellness industry.

The Beauty Collective is recognized for consistently delivering the highest overall tenant value in the Salon Suite space.  We treat our tenants like business partners and understand that if they are successful we are successful.  Because of this we are attracting the most successful professionals in the area and expect to have a waiting list for tenant space.


The Beauty Collective provides a visually appealing, luxurious professional space that has garnered immediate interest.  The facility is finished to create a professional, luxury complex consisting of individual salon suites.  A high level of interior detail and stylish design conveys the feel of a luxury spa setting.  Expansive common areas, natural lighting with lots of windows and glass doors creates the impression of openness while providing real privacy for salon patrons.   

The most appealing element of the Beauty Collective is that it allows established cosmetology professionals to open their own business, without going into debt or depleting their savings. 

As a business owner you have the power to:

  1. Set your own prices for products and services

  2. Decide your hours of operation

  3. Provide your clients with privacy in a quiet and controlled atmosphere 

  4. Lease only the space necessary to conduct your business


Are You Ready to Join the Collective?

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